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Heathrow Taxi – You’ll Regret Driving There Yourself

Heathrow Taxi

Heathrow taxi companies represent the best option for those who are travelling to and from Heathrow. This is the busiest and biggest airport in the UK, and thus driving in and out can be a hassle to say the least. Parking is expensive and getting to the right terminal can be confusing. This is why you are always advised to book an airport taxi as opposed to taking your own vehicle or getting a friend to drop you off.

Airport taxis make the experience much easier. No matter whether you are flying from Terminal 1 or Terminal 5, your taxi driver will ensure you are dropped off outside of the terminal door. Some airlines even have their own designated area, and an airport taxi driver will know all about this. All you have to do is walk through the door and look on the board to see what number your check-in is. It is as easy as that. When getting picked up from Heathrow Airport, the vast majority of taxi drivers will wait by arrivals for you to come through. They will have your name written on a whiteboard so you know whom to go for. This is a service you can always request. If you can’t find your taxi driver, you will have their number and vice versa so that it is easy to get in touch. This makes the experience much smoother and quicker.

A lot of people attempt to drive to Heathrow Airport and leave their vehicle there. This is a decision they instantly regret. Heathrow is a huge airport, and knowing where to go can be difficult. There are a lot of parking areas that are located away from the airport, meaning once you have parked up you will still need to get a bus and make your way there. The charges for parking are very expensive, with a lot of people finding it cheaper to get a Heathrow taxi and stay in a hotel overnight if there flight is at an awkward hour.